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Legal Mac and Cheese!

I cannot begin to say how glad I am to be living right now! How cool is it that I can sit here and let out whatever is there while eating shells and cheese that will actually help me lose weight!?? Quite possible the perfect convenience food!
Don't get me wrong-- this is not even in the same category as my Mom's. Can't even compare the two. But Mom's doesn't weigh in at 240 calories a serving, either.
Ok, wow! I'm going back to my lunch now...
Ok, I have decided to try this out. My own little corner where I can share whatever crazy, mundane, or profound thoughts arrive in my head.

In days gone by, when I would have a thought that would perhaps not follow the previous thought in an orderly fashion, my mother would ask, "Which starting gate was that?"

I, of course, would take great offense at this comment, and much pouting would ensue. Well every dog has her day, Mom. And today, as I begin my own humble little blog, is mine.

And so it goes. If someone happens upon this, "Hi!" I doubt too many people are actually interested in the ramblings of an East Coast Girl transplanted t in the desert. That means I can be as random as I choose, Mom.

And that's the truth, PPHHLLLLBBBTTTTT.