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To do lists...

An interesting phenomenon occurs in my life. Each of my to do lists (and yes, I have several) seems to grow. Is someone getting them wet? Feeding them after midnight? I don't know. I only know that I am getting on an airplane in twenty-five hours and I have waaaayyy to many things left on my "To do before heading to the farm" list. I am consoling myself with the thought that none of it is brain surgery, and no one will die as long as Jon remembers to take Tele to the Kitty Spa for the week.
Oh, and anyone getting any ideas, know this: we have at least two armed guards on duty at all times here, and a very large German shepherd.

By the way, any ideas for getting rid of a sore throat? It's just post-nasal drip, but it is driving me crazzzzyyyyy!!!!

What NOT to ask

My by-no-means-exhaustive list of sure-fire convo busters at our home:

1) Did you ever read that Stephen Hawkingbook?

2) Have you ever read (insert pretty much anything here, except gear manuals) ?

3) How is your (insert Mother, sister, father here) doing?

4) What would you like to have for dinner?

Surprisingly, this did not make the list:

What are your thoughts on the Twin Paradox?
Answer: Well, when I got my first job, I bought a pair of Docs with my first check. And I am a twin.

Genius. Sheer genius.

A Prince Among Men

That would be my Jonathan. I don't know many husbands who would willingly spend more than an hour in a fabric store, let alone help with decisions and contribute to a discussion on the merits of marabou versus feather boas.

Last week, the women of Grace Point gathered for an ornament exchange. This is, of course, woman-code for "evening of snacks and chatter and giggles." We were each asked to share the worst Christmas gift we had ever received. Oh. My. Gosh. I am still in shock at some of the gifts given by husbands. Holy cow. I am truly grateful for my husband's shopping prowess. He may leave things to the last minute (it is convenient that I will be leaving for the East Coast three days before him), but he always gives thoughtful gifts. I am, frankly, a little in awe of his ability to find things Christmas eve- especially as I looked for MONTHS to find a darned TMX Elmo. In fact, I am seriously considering handing over the entire job- lock, stock, and bar…

Friday's Feast

What was your very first job with a paycheck?

I worked at Chick-Fil-A. What a great company for a teenager-- Sundays off and scholarships. Before that, it was lots and lots of babysitting.

Did you ever lose something really important to you?

Last year, some crackhead broke into our place and stole a bunch of DVD's and some of my jewelry. Among the jewelry stolen was a diamond necklace which belonged to my great grandmother McLellan. It still upsets me that whoever stole it got probably $20 bucks for it. It didn't have much monetary value, but it is irreplaceable to me.

What is the best Christmas present you ever received?

I know it is silly, but my father always took the time to buy something small for each of us, something he alone picked out. One particular year, he gave me a really nice Paul Mitchell paddle brush that I had been wanting but couldn't really justify buying (it was a $30 hairbruch, for cryin' out loud!). Just know ing that my dad car…

Could someone please explain to me...

How Salisbury Middle School can be the ONLY middle school in Wicomico County to make Annual Yearly Progress under NCLB and nothing happens. But let one teacher allow students to unrinate in a soda bottle and it is NATIONAL NEWS!!!!!?????

Let that be a lesson to you...

One tough Cookie

There has been some sparring going on over at the Family Guy's place. It would appear that we have a class-A man law violation in progress.

Cookie is her name, and she sent this message. I think it goes to any detractors, not just Uncle Jon (who will, by the way, be completely stupid over this dog).

NB- The message is PG. Mild language and violence.

Simple? Christmas?

Devin began a new series this week at Gracepoint. Christmas: Simple. The guys on our set up crew were cracking the inevitable jokes about our set. Things like, "If this is simple, I don't wanna be around for over the top." And my personal favorite, "Wow! Those are the coolest decorations EVER!" (Said in a dorky little kid's voice by a thirty-something guy on the team)

The preparation of our worship space for Christmas: Simple seems anything but. It highlights, for me, however, that simple does NOT mean easy. It is easy to say that we are going to keep Christmas simple, but how easy is this to really do? J and I are pretty committed to keeping things low-key, but we are still shopping, and wrapping, and baking (well, I am). We are still crafting, and shipping, and stressing. Throw in a two thousand, eight-hundred mile trip and we have recipe for Christmas-Simple-You-Have-Got-to-be Kidding.

And yet,the list of things we are not doing is equally as lon…

To Beta or Not to Beta...

This morning, when I logged onto Blogger, I was offered a chance to switch to the new and "improved" Blogger. I passed because, frankly, I have heard horror stories.

I am going to ask any fellow Blogger users who may be reading what they think of the "new" version. Are you happy you switched? What do you love about the new version? What do you hate?