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Okay, okay

I apologize for causing undue stress (Charm City Kelly) with my earlier post. I cannot go into too many details as yet, but I will elaborate.

For some time now, I have felt a certain disquiet. Never sure what it was, and VERY NERVOUS about asking God for clarification, I just simmered. I really do not like change, and I know that this disquiet is usually the precursor to change.

Recently, a chance conversation with a friend brought some possibilities to light. I feel a little better prepared for whatever God has in store for me, which is a big deal for a girl who really likes to dig in her heels.

See, even when I am too chicken to ask, He is ready to answer.

But I didn't even ask it, yet!

Today I had a prayer answered. A prayer that I hadn't yet gotten together the guts to pray. A prayer that I was still to fearful to pray. Wow. My God is so awesome. (And yes, Dad, I do really mean awesome. He fills me with awe)

Film at eleven.

Wow. Just wow.

When I was in Jr high, a local high school teacher was fired to demonstrating the correct way to put on a condom. (A banana was used in the demonstration) Now I hear that Kings Middle School in Portland, Maine will be offering full range contraceptive services to girls as young as 11.