I think most folks my age grew up in either a Star Trek house, or a Star Wars house.  I grew up in the former, with reruns of the original series (which my parents liked, but I couldn't stand) and my beloved TNG.  I'm pretty sure Wil Weaton's presence had at least a little something to do with my enjoyment of the show.  I love to ask Alexa for "tea, Earl Grey, hot," or instruct her to "make it so."  In case there was ever any doubt, I am a bit of a nerd.  Case in point, I researched which term to use: nerd, geek, or dork.  Dweeb also came in to the equation, and I found a really cool Venn diagram to help:

So, here I sit in my nerdiness, thinking about the coming months and all that they bring.  Each year, I seek a new word to guide my thoughts and actions.  I pray and meditate on scripture during December to see what God has in store for me.  For 2017, the word was abide, which certainly summed up so much of our life with Imogen at home; 2016 was trust,…

7 Foods for 1 Entire Month?

On the recommendation of a friend, I just finished reading 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.  I may begin speaking to this friend sometime in the future...  Just kidding.  Really, though, this book has simply wrecked me. Wrecked me.

I have been praying for some time about living a gentler life.  I am not, by nature, a gentle person, so this would have to be Kelly getting out of the way and allowing God to step in. Of course, I was also trying to control exactly what I would let Him have!  How typical. {sigh}

Recent events have forced me to give up some control- specifically over changes at work.  I really wish that i did not need to learn lessons the hard way, but that simply is not the case for this girl.  Anyway, 7 has given me a starting point, a way to loosen the death grip of control I have on my life.  Here's the scoop:

Jen Hatmaker (author, mother, Bible teacher, and all-around pretty-cool-sounding-chick) embarks on a seven month journey with her family.  In each mo…

A Few Thoughts on HR3200 (part one of however many it takes to get through this bill)

So I have decided to forgo ironing this afternoon and begin reading:
H.R.3200 - America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

I just figure I'll jot down my thoughts as they come. Blogging is, after all, the very essence of vanity publishing, is it not? Of course, I may be setting myself up to be ratted out, so read this disclaimer:

The following is not intended to be information, simply commentary. Any information should be garnered from the source, a link to which has been provided. Please don't rat me out!

1) I notice that none of these measures takes effect until 2013, which beg the question: why such a hurry to pass this legislation?

2) Sec 113 (a) sets new rating rules. Only age, area, and family enrollment may be used to determine rate classes. I think that means Jon's rate would increase, since men typically pay less for health coverage (though more for life insurance).

3) Sec 116 (a) seems to set a limit on profits earned by benefits providers (they aren'…

There's a song in the air...

1) Actually, there are lots of them. Lots and lots of "Holiday" music everywhere. The Rockstar rolls his eyes a little less, now that it is officially December. I understand his frustration, really. I have been pretty good about not playing Christmas carols too often. I'm thinking that next year I shall pull together a playlist of Advent carols and secular winter songs for his enjoyment until December 24; that way, we're at least honoring the correct season.

2) This is my first Christmas back in retail in eight years. I am grateful that, while we are very busy, the nature of our business prevents me from having rude people physically right in my face. I mean, once that call is disconnected. Scrooge is someone else's problem and I am totally free to rolls my eyes!

3) People often say that they will pay more for certain things: quality, customer service, and to support an organization that perhaps treats their people well. Guess what? Most of them are lyi…

Worst. Day. Ever.

I am still a little numb, though Jon and I are both still employed.

Thank you for your prayers, I fill in more later.

Coveting your prayers...

So, we are waiting to hear some potentially big news that may or may not have huge ramifications for us. How's that for clarity?

If you are praying people, I'd love a few of them. Jon and I will know more this afternoon.

The world is still rotating on its axis...

I am an early-to-bed early-to-rise kind of girl. I fell asleep before the polls closed and surfaced around 9 PM to ask The Rockstar if Senator McCain had conceded. Got my answer and went back to sleep. Very uneventful evening at our house- no crying, no pouting, no gnashing of teeth; just a typical early night at chezWolske.

Here are a few jumbled thoughts on the election and what I think it means for me and us:

1) I was not surprised that Senator Obama won the election, nor was I surprised by the impressive margin by which he won. Congratulations to him and good on all of you who worked so hard to put him in office!

2) Many of my fellow conservatives who are also Christ-followers have written and spoken things along the lines of, "I am praying hard for our country," or, "I am trying to see God's hand in all this." Here' s the thing: we (as Christ followers) should always be praying for our country and her leaders, no matter who they may be! Additionall…

Our last Vegas move?

I am certainly hoping so! This weekend, we are leaving Desert Shores behind for the quieter Green Valley. Instead in 27.5 miles of freeway, our daily commute will be 2.5 miles of bike lane. I can completely understand why people who live in Henderson seldom leave. I can completely see myself becoming one of those people who seldom venture north of Flamingo or west of Industrial. Why should I? Everything is here!
Here's the rundown on the new digs:
2 bedroom/ 2.5 bath, detached
Single car garage
1300 square feet
Backyard is completely enclosed (slump block, so lots of privacy)
2 good-sized pine trees providing lots of shade
Fresh and Easy is less than one block away!
2.5 miles from Zappos
Closest movie theater is 1/2 mile away
Less than one mile from the beltway, so easy access anywhere
45 minutes closer to Yuma

Those are the important things, I think. I picked up the keys this morning and am taking a carload of things over this afternoon. Tomorrow, Jon is renting a tru…