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A Few Thoughts on HR3200 (part one of however many it takes to get through this bill)

So I have decided to forgo ironing this afternoon and begin reading:
H.R.3200 - America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

I just figure I'll jot down my thoughts as they come. Blogging is, after all, the very essence of vanity publishing, is it not? Of course, I may be setting myself up to be ratted out, so read this disclaimer:

The following is not intended to be information, simply commentary. Any information should be garnered from the source, a link to which has been provided. Please don't rat me out!

1) I notice that none of these measures takes effect until 2013, which beg the question: why such a hurry to pass this legislation?

2) Sec 113 (a) sets new rating rules. Only age, area, and family enrollment may be used to determine rate classes. I think that means Jon's rate would increase, since men typically pay less for health coverage (though more for life insurance).

3) Sec 116 (a) seems to set a limit on profits earned by benefits providers (they aren'…