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Saturday, July 19, 2008
In the interest of accountability...
My cholesterol is, to quote Dr. Mike, "a bit elevated." 209 total, and the LDL:HDL is "not where we like to see things either." Yeah. I am really not surprised, what with my diet and exercise habits this past month. So back to minding my P's and Q's which I have not done since before vacation. Recheck in 6 months and all that jazz. The win: not passing out when the drew my blood. Don't laugh; it has happened before.

In happier news, I will begin my new job with a squeaky-clean gut! I will visit the endoscopy center next Thursday. My husband is taking a rather unkind delight in this. Of course, we don't yet know his results...

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Friday, July 11, 2008
No good deed goes unpunished...
There are two people in my household. One of us is faithful in certain areas of his (or her) health. The other has not seen a doctor in more than six years, and has not had a physical exam since he (or she) was required by the US government. No names, though. Ahem.

Today, this all came to an end. My Jonathan and I each had an appointment with Dr. Mike, our new internist. Good wife that I am, I made the appointments, filled out the necessary paperwork, and showed my darling man where to sign. (No excuses, you see?)

Everything went swimmingly; we each met with the good doctor and did the "visit to establish care" thing. Once we checked out and were in the car, I reviewed the particulars. Hmph.

Monday morning is blood work (to be expected), and our physicals are later in the week. This was to be expected. What I did not expect was this: Jon walks out with an order for blood work- four tests, and his phys appointment card. I walk out with an order for blood work- EIGHT tests (more tubes to be drawn from my poor little veins), an appointment for my phys, AND a referral to a gastroenterolgist for everyone's favorite procedure.

Hmph. Where is the justice?!!??? I suppose that Jon will tell me the lesson has something to do with a sliver and a plank.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008
Brain Dump

1) Played Bunco last might with some dear girlfriends from church. Note: dried apricots stuffed with almonds are yummy. Note also: sometimes food can look unintentionally naughty. I brought the snacks in question to the Rock Star for his inspection-- he just shook his head.

2) I was not built for this heat. I have been listless, my gut is all upset, and I am praying for a break. The break should be here this weekend, just in time for...

3) Jon scored us a couple tickets to see Jane's Addiction Saturday night at Red Rock. Concert is outside at the pool. I am hoping this means we can at least stick our feet in the water. My favorite kind of show-- FREE!

4) Before said concert, we are going to grab a bite with a couple of Zappos peeps. I am looking forward to that as much as, if not more than, the concert. Frank and Fina's has some darned good guacamole.

5) Two movies in the last week: Get Smart, which made me laugh so hard that I truly thought I might wet my pants, and Hancock, which I enjoyed just as much, albeit more quietly.

6) Is this for real? Seventy million dollar suit? Speechless.

7) Tomorrow is doctor day for the Sin City Wolskes. I believe that my darling husband has not had a physical since he was a young teenager. It may have even been his INS physical, but I am not sure. I, on the other hand, have not been so remiss in my preventative care. However, I have not been had a GP in several years either. I figure it will not hurt me to become established with someone for that very rare occasion that I am sick.

8) I will start at Zappos on the 28th of this month. Beyond excited! A little unsure as to how well I shall fit into their corporate culture. Not sure I am quite weird enough or in the right way.

9) During this transition time, I am attempting to get things at home more organized. The heat is working against me. So is the internet. I think I might sue...

10) Vacation was everything I could have hoped for. The nephews are all growing and changing so fast. Only saw four out of eight nieces and nephews, but there is always next year. I need to get Jon's film sent off. I think we still have some from last year to be developed yet...

11) My husband says he could live on the Outer Banks. He knows not what he does... (insert maniacal laughter here) I will be in Vegas as long as my Gram is living in Yuma, but I don't know what will happen after that.

12) I think the words, "Aunt Kelly? I love you," are the sweetest sound in God's creation.

13) I think Phil Gramm may be right that we are "a nation of whiners." I certainly engage in more than my fair share. (See#2 above) I don't know that the economic slowdown is entirely "mental," though. {sigh} Is it January yet?

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  posted at 1:14 PM