No good deed goes unpunished...

There are two people in my household. One of us is faithful in certain areas of his (or her) health. The other has not seen a doctor in more than six years, and has not had a physical exam since he (or she) was required by the US government. No names, though. Ahem.

Today, this all came to an end. My Jonathan and I each had an appointment with Dr. Mike, our new internist. Good wife that I am, I made the appointments, filled out the necessary paperwork, and showed my darling man where to sign. (No excuses, you see?)

Everything went swimmingly; we each met with the good doctor and did the "visit to establish care" thing. Once we checked out and were in the car, I reviewed the particulars. Hmph.

Monday morning is blood work (to be expected), and our physicals are later in the week. This was to be expected. What I did not expect was this: Jon walks out with an order for blood work- four tests, and his phys appointment card. I walk out with an order for blood work- EIGHT tests (more tubes to be drawn from my poor little veins), an appointment for my phys, AND a referral to a gastroenterolgist for everyone's favorite procedure.

Hmph. Where is the justice?!!??? I suppose that Jon will tell me the lesson has something to do with a sliver and a plank.


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