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Worst. Day. Ever.

I am still a little numb, though Jon and I are both still employed.

Thank you for your prayers, I fill in more later.

Coveting your prayers...

So, we are waiting to hear some potentially big news that may or may not have huge ramifications for us. How's that for clarity?

If you are praying people, I'd love a few of them. Jon and I will know more this afternoon.

The world is still rotating on its axis...

I am an early-to-bed early-to-rise kind of girl. I fell asleep before the polls closed and surfaced around 9 PM to ask The Rockstar if Senator McCain had conceded. Got my answer and went back to sleep. Very uneventful evening at our house- no crying, no pouting, no gnashing of teeth; just a typical early night at chezWolske.

Here are a few jumbled thoughts on the election and what I think it means for me and us:

1) I was not surprised that Senator Obama won the election, nor was I surprised by the impressive margin by which he won. Congratulations to him and good on all of you who worked so hard to put him in office!

2) Many of my fellow conservatives who are also Christ-followers have written and spoken things along the lines of, "I am praying hard for our country," or, "I am trying to see God's hand in all this." Here' s the thing: we (as Christ followers) should always be praying for our country and her leaders, no matter who they may be! Additionall…