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1) I am almost convinced that the FairTax is the best thing since sliced bread. I am convinced that it is a vast improvement over the current tax code. Signed the petition last friday, drafting letters today. (Don't gloat, Dad. It's not becoming.)

2) I am very disappointed in our local polititians. Can I write in "None of the above," pretty please?

3) My favorite campaign quote: "Sure, I'm a carpetbagger, but I want to be your carpetbagger." From Jack Carter, who will hopefully be defeated by our incumbent Jon Ensign. I like the balance that having a senator from each party provides.

4) Lemon-honey scones, dried cherry scones, double peanut butter cookies, and a scrubbed (yes, scrubbed, not mopped) kitchen floor are the results of my Saturday. Roast chicken, chicken salad and chicken noodle soup are the results of my Monday. Woohoo! I get more productive in the autumn. Tonight will be a new bread recipe. I am not living in complete CHAOS any l…

The downside to being a nerd...

So, at my father's behest, I am reading The FairTax Book. Rather, I am listening to The FairTax Book (I love me some!)

We listened this morning on the way to work and will listen again tonight. (Do you feel sorry for my poor husband yet? Because he really wants you to!) In the meantime, I have been doing some reading, and that's where I got into trouble.

I Googled and found a few blogs devoted to FairTax. So I started reading, and then I clicked link after link, and eventually ended up reading essays on the Mises Institute website which have NOTHING to do with my inital search. At the end of the day, instead of being clear on my one question about FairTax, I am muddy about lots of other very interesting topics.

Ugh! BTW, anyone else having issues with Blogger? I couldn't get on last night to post. So I started reading...

Lazy blogger, I know

In my defense (weak though it may be) I would like to say that I have been reading (rather listening) and watching. I have one post pretty much in the can for later today, and two more cooking.

My new favorite website...

At least until I find something better.

Larknews. It's like a Christian The Onion.

This story in particular had me chuckling... Maybe it isn't such a bad idea?

More amusing Google ads...

I am a Gmail girl, I must confess. No matter how much I might like the idea of not being caught up the Google madness, I cannot reisit its pull. I love the keyword search, I never have to sort.

Anyway, I was amused at the ad bar this morning:

Why Mommy is a Democrat- - The book George Bush doesn't want your kids to read.

Curiousity won out, and I clicked. Here is what the site says:

Why Mommy is a Democrat brings to life the core values of the Democratic Party in ways that young children will easily understand and thoroughly enjoy. Using plain and non-judgmental language, along with warm and whimsical illustrations, this colorful 28-page depicts the Democratic principles of fairness, tolerance, peace, and concern for the well-being of others. It's a great way for parents to gently communicate their commitment to these principles and explain their support for the party.

Why Mommy is a Democrat may look like a traditional children's book, but it definitely…

More baggage than Samsonite

Rachelle at Seek First His Kingdom is asking about our baggage. You know, the stuff that we let keep us from being who God created us to be? Yeah, THAT baggage.

She wants to Know what baggage we are hiding behind and what it will take for us to let it go...

Funny things baggage; they are cumbersome, and yet we are loathe to part with them. Even in our literal bags-- how much of a hassle is it for travelers with new TSA regulations? Can we not stand to part with our shampoo for a few hours? Someone I know smuggled lip balm in her bra rather than be without.

Our spiritual baggage is no different. To what lengths will we go to hang on to them?

Control is the biggest bag in my luggage set. Control is my steamer trunk. When it comes to surrendering control, I am that person at the gate who insists on carrying on the 31 inch pullman. "I'm sorry, God, I know what you said and I understand the rules, but THIS is how I want to do it."

Yeah, and that works out so well for me, …

Profoundly sad

The body count for this school year is nine and counting. Six students, one principal, and two gunmen. This morning, as I popped online to check the weather forecast, I discovered two Clark County schools were on lockdown this morning.

All is this is beyond my conprehension, and I am in awe of parents as they grapple with not only the presence of such evil, but also with the explanations.

Wow! Just... wow!

We had our first youth gathering tonight at GP. Transparent is a monthly worship environment for students, and we had nearly 50 kids come out. Not bad for our first time out there.

Since it was the first service, our regular worship band played. Next month, we'll have some of our student who are also musicians stepping up to lead.

These guys also came out: