More baggage than Samsonite

Rachelle at Seek First His Kingdom is asking about our baggage. You know, the stuff that we let keep us from being who God created us to be? Yeah, THAT baggage.

She wants to Know what baggage we are hiding behind and what it will take for us to let it go...

Funny things baggage; they are cumbersome, and yet we are loathe to part with them. Even in our literal bags-- how much of a hassle is it for travelers with new TSA regulations? Can we not stand to part with our shampoo for a few hours? Someone I know smuggled lip balm in her bra rather than be without.

Our spiritual baggage is no different. To what lengths will we go to hang on to them?

Control is the biggest bag in my luggage set. Control is my steamer trunk. When it comes to surrendering control, I am that person at the gate who insists on carrying on the 31 inch pullman. "I'm sorry, God, I know what you said and I understand the rules, but THIS is how I want to do it."

Yeah, and that works out so well for me, let me tell you. God really loves when I tell him what I am going to do despite His perfect will for me. Yep.

My garment bag is probably trust. I consider this a garment bag because, well, trust goes hand in hand with control, and a garment bag isn't much use on its own, you know? Devin is constantly challenging us as a congregation, "Do you trust God enough to follow His will?" I am afraid that, all too often, I don't trust Him enough. Shame on me.

My train case is fear. Fortunately, I have a husband who is much more brave than I. He has helped me pare this bag down. J's example is such an encouragement to me.

Of course, as much as I may be used to all these bags, they are hampering my journey. Rachelle is so right about that. But what will it take for me to shed them? For me, it is surrounding myself with people of discernment.

I have been very fortunate, of late, to have a friend with just such a gift. A friend who will lovingly hold me accountable. Working with Karen is going a long way towrds helping me whittle down my baggage. With a little providence, and a lot of prayer, I'll be down to one carry-on!

(As a side note, aren't those bags in the picture adorable?)


R.G. said…
Oh Kelly, I love it. Um, your post I mean, not just the picture of the adorable bags. :-)

What great thought you put into your answers, too! I think I can relate to each of them. And I am so glad you have people of discernment in your life. I know I'd be in a completely different place without those wonderful and wise friends.

Awesome post!

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