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Getting out my can opener...

Most people who know me "IRL" know that I am pretty conservative, but that I am also very "live and let live." I prefer not to have the government telling me what I should do and how I should do it, therefore, I don't think the gov't should tell other people what they should do and how. I do feel, however, that each "right" I claim carries with it an equal responsibility. That is, is I believe that I have a right to life, I have a responsibility to honor that right for someone else (i.e. do not kill him).

I do not want the government telling me what faith I can hold or how to practice it; consequently, I have a very difficult time stomaching telling someone else if or how he can practice his. This all brings me to some word vomit on my jumbled thoughts and feeling about the news out of West Texas:

1) I reaffirm my belief that the government should be out of the business of marrying people. Many of the "evils"of polygamy (from a social s…

Not Mutually Exclusive- (video is PG)

(H/T to Gavin for the video)

I think I am a person of above-average intelligence. Truly. However, I fail to see where science and faith are mutually exclusive. My mother is a scientist; my mother is also the person who was most instrumental in my spiritual formation. One of the finest scientific minds I know (that is, know personally) belongs to a man of great faith.

Here goes the part where I alienate half (or maybe all) of the people who read my blog:

I do not believe in a literal seven twenty-four-hour-day creation. I do, however, believe that we were created. I believe that an evolutionary model may offer some insight as to how we were created, but not why. For they why, I must rely on my faith, simple as it is.

I do not believe that science and faith a re mutually exclusive. I do wonder, however, if science and religion are mutually exclusive.

This video has me chuckling, but it is somewhat bittersweet. I think Richard Dawkins has been gifted with a brilliant mind and a curi…

Back in the saddle

So I have decided to try this from my phone. I am hoping that the
convenience will help me update more frequently. It seems that I am
seldom in one place long enough to get a post completed, with work
being the one exception (for obvious reasons, not an appropriate place
for blogging, even if I did have the time).Moving on... There has been and continues to be much going on in the
life of the Rock star and me. We are both back in the land of
full-time employment (actually, jon is working more than full time for
now- trying to catch up our savings) and the cat seems to be missing
all the time she got to spend with her daddy.Such is life. More ramblings and well-formed opinions to come (that
part was a joke).--
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