Not Mutually Exclusive- (video is PG)

(H/T to Gavin for the video)

I think I am a person of above-average intelligence. Truly. However, I fail to see where science and faith are mutually exclusive. My mother is a scientist; my mother is also the person who was most instrumental in my spiritual formation. One of the finest scientific minds I know (that is, know personally) belongs to a man of great faith.

Here goes the part where I alienate half (or maybe all) of the people who read my blog:

I do not believe in a literal seven twenty-four-hour-day creation. I do, however, believe that we were created. I believe that an evolutionary model may offer some insight as to how we were created, but not why. For they why, I must rely on my faith, simple as it is.

I do not believe that science and faith a re mutually exclusive. I do wonder, however, if science and religion are mutually exclusive.

This video has me chuckling, but it is somewhat bittersweet. I think Richard Dawkins has been gifted with a brilliant mind and a curious spirit. What is interesting to me, and a little sad, is that Dr. Dawkins fails to see the similarities in people of science and people of faith. Questioning, seeking, constantly searching; is that not the crux of his life's work? Does that not describe the journey of faith?

P.S. The Selfish Gene is still one on the most interesting books I have ever read.


Susan said…
You have some very important points here! I agree that the seeking, journey, testing out theories, is pretty central to faith AND to Science. I do not think they are mutually exclusive at all.

I love some of the work of Louie Giglio in this area. It's amazing.


and i just thought it was a funny video. who would have imagined it could stem such great thought. &:~D

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