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Weekly Consumption

There is pretty much nothing good about unemployment. I wanted to get that out of the way. It has, however, afforded me some reading and watching time that would otherwise not exist. This week's offering were pretty diverse:

The Simpson's Movie
I'll have to give this one a C-. If you love the TV show (which my husband does), you will love the movie (which he and millions of other Americans obviously did). There is pretty much nothing more to be said. I laughed a bit, but I really don't dig the humor so much. Beside, I was distracted by the inordinate number of CHILDREN IN THE THEATRE!!!!

Big Love (Season 1, pilot and episode 2)
I really want to like this show, truly. I have read nothing but good about it, and I want to be the type of person who "gets it" (how vain is that?). Confession: I don't "get it." Seems to me that the entire show is an excuse to show Bill Paxton having sex with three different women. I have the rest of the…

To Whom it May Concern:

You know who you are. You are the parents who though it would be a fun family outing to the cinema. But why choose such a kiddie flick as Ratatouille or Surf's Up! when The Simpsons Movie looks much more interesting? Sure, why not!
Here's the thing: movies have ratings for a reason. PG-13 is most likey NOT APPROPIRATE for your 5-7 year old bairn. Not only that, but your children do not contribute to my enjoyment of the movie with their constant squawking and squirming.

Thank you for your future consideration.

The Lady in the Front Row.

(In my defense, this movie outing was by way of a gift to my Jonathan. No way would I go see The Simpsons Movie on my own volition.

My Gram...

My Gram turned 85 last Friday. She keeps a schedule that is just madness- sheer madness!
Between her hospice volunteer work, Emmaus community events and groups, and running errands for various homebound friends, Gram does more at 85 than most people half her age.

Last year, she came up to Vegas for Thanksgiving (she lives in Yuma, AZ). The evening before she headed home, we all went out to hear Jon's band play. The above pic is the result of a little fun we had when she dozed off. (It was after midnight)

Please know that none of the empties are hers (neither bottles nor glasses)...


So much is rattling around in my brain these days that I need to purge...

-Togetherness is beautiful, and I not only love my husband, I also enjoy his company and like him. Having said that, I look forward to his return to full-time employment soon. Jon was laid off right before vacation (that is, the day we left) and I was laid off right after. Some more income sooner than later would be appreciated.

-My being laid off is really just a kick in the pants from God. I had been very unhappy there for months, but really liking the money. Now I will be back in school full time and working part time.

-The above hinges on Jon's working situation. He has an extremely good opportunity coming up, but we are playing the waiting game right now. We covet your prayers.

-The waiting game is taking its toll on my mental health. IRL friends know that I have battled severe depression in the past. I am fighting its hold over me. I refuse to be ruled by irrational thinking!!!!! …

It's on, people!

My darling sister and I have begun "The Great 30-pounder"- a race to see who can lose thirty pounds first.

Jon is going to lose with us, but he is not allowed to compete. This is just between us girls.

Not sure what is at stake. Any prize ideas??

Feast one hundred fifty-one

I am back in the saddle this week. Beginning with a Feast, and another few posts browning in the oven...

What is your favorite fruit?I love lovelove fruit. I would rather have fruit that chocolate! Blueberries are a long time favorite.
Mom tells a story about going to a pick-your-own blueberry farm with me when I was around 18 months old. She parked at the end of a row and put me in the back of the car with the tailgate open, giving me some toys to pass the time. When she went back to check on me, I was out of the car, sitting beneath a bush, and shoving ripe blueberries into my mouth as fast as I could pick them.
Who is someone you consider as a great role model?Just one? I'd have to go with my dad. He has overcome such adversity in his life, and never cried, "Poor me." Dad just takes what's handed to him and keeps plugging away.
If you were to spend one night anywhere within an hour of your home, where would you choose?Wow, I have a lot of cho…