Weekly Consumption

There is pretty much nothing good about unemployment. I wanted to get that out of the way. It has, however, afforded me some reading and watching time that would otherwise not exist. This week's offering were pretty diverse:

The Simpson's Movie
I'll have to give this one a C-. If you love the TV show (which my husband does), you will love the movie (which he and millions of other Americans obviously did). There is pretty much nothing more to be said. I laughed a bit, but I really don't dig the humor so much. Beside, I was distracted by the inordinate number of CHILDREN IN THE THEATRE!!!!

Big Love (Season 1, pilot and episode 2)
I really want to like this show, truly. I have read nothing but good about it, and I want to be the type of person who "gets it" (how vain is that?). Confession: I don't "get it." Seems to me that the entire show is an excuse to show Bill Paxton having sex with three different women. I have the rest of the season in my Blockbuster Queue, so I will give it another shot. It just doesn't resonate with me. Perhaps it is because of our geographic location and proximity to Colorado City, but I just do not see plural marriage as a funny novelty.

Extras (Season 2)
May I share something? I am not a person given to celebrity "crushes" (with the exceptions of Colin Forth and Ioan Gruffudd), but Ricky Gervais is fast approaching crush status in my book. Be is just sooooo blasted hilarious! Oh yeah, and he laughs just like my Jonathan.

As for the reading, that's an entirely new post...


Anonymous said…
Okay. I LOVE Big Love. I think if you do stick with it, you'll start to like it more. The sex definitely tapers off after the second or third episode (although it comes back toward the end of the season but more with one wife).

As the season goes further, there's so much going on and it gets so good. :) I'm watching the second season now on HBO and it's just this fantastic show.

You might like Gilmore Girls--the first six seasons are on DVD now and the seventh comes out in November, I think.

I'm really fond of Veronica Mars but I'm not sure how you'd like that. It's pretty dark and not a happy place much of the time, but it's funny in parts, too.

The first two seasons of Once and Again are on DVD, and I love that show. It's sweet and romantic and nice.

Kelly in Charm City
Anonymous said…
I love Big Love! I don't have any idea why but I do.

Susan said…
I am really out of it cause I haven't heard of any of these...except the movie.

Maybe the book post will be better for me!!

:-) Susan
carla said…
I, too, enjoy Big Love. Not really sure why...I watched it for the "shock factor" when it first started and got hooked!
Anonymous said…
If you want to see an interesting movie that deals with the effects Aids has on different cultures (fictional)... the blonde girl in BIG LOVE is in it, Called 3 needles.

Get ready to read some subtitles though, its in african, french canadian & Chinese.
HowToMe said…
Wishing you success and joy in the meantime. :-)

(Blogging Chicks)
John J. Kaiser said…
"There is pretty much nothing good about unemployment."

You can meet some interesting people at the unemployment office. :-)
Anonymous said…
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Neil said…
Kelly, I hope the employment situation has improved for you all. Layoffs are a drag. I prayed that things would brighten up quickly.

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