To Whom it May Concern:

You know who you are. You are the parents who though it would be a fun family outing to the cinema. But why choose such a kiddie flick as Ratatouille or Surf's Up! when The Simpsons Movie looks much more interesting? Sure, why not!
Here's the thing: movies have ratings for a reason. PG-13 is most likey NOT APPROPIRATE for your 5-7 year old bairn. Not only that, but your children do not contribute to my enjoyment of the movie with their constant squawking and squirming.

Thank you for your future consideration.

The Lady in the Front Row.

(In my defense, this movie outing was by way of a gift to my Jonathan. No way would I go see The Simpsons Movie on my own volition.


Anonymous said…
Word. I hate parents who take their kids to the movies. Surf's Up, Shrek, whatever--that's one thing. But anything I'd go to see is not kid-friendly and so frankly, I don't want to see kids there.

People took little kids to see the new Harry Potter movie. Why would you do that? First, it's over two hours long and no kid can sit still that long. And second, it's a dark movie. Someone dies. It's scary in parts. NOT FOR CHILDREN!

How was the Simpsons Movie? I kind of want to see it but I'll probably wait for video.

Kelly in Charm City
The Simpsons Movie was much like The Simpsons television show, only three times the length. It was funny, but I am glad we did a matinée. Truthfully, I only went to get points with the husband to be redeemed at a later date...
Big Red said…
points earned! I loved it! Thank you hunny for being my movie-watching friend!! It was really just payback for my going to Hairspray..... not really, I enjoyed that one too....
mommy zabs said…
It totally bugs me when people do that too! Let alone a late showing and their poor kiddos aren't in bed!
Susan said…
Your husband's comment up here cracks me up! I am there for you on the kids in the theater. I have called the management before and asked for people to be removed. I mean when you pay as much as it costs now, you deserve to see it the way the movie theater intends (in silence with great surround sound).

Anonymous said…
Not sure if I told you this, but my friend Kenny and his wife Amanda have this elaborate system where he will see a movie that he doesn't want to see in exchange for the same thing from her end down the road. The funny thing is that certain movies carry more weight. So for Amanda to see King Kong, he had to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and at least one other movie.

Kelly in Charm City

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