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Troubling times in the life of our church. I don't mean my home congregation, per se, but the United Methodist Church. The jury is still out on my home church.

Over the holiday weekend, severeal hundred people met at Lake Junaluska for the Hearts on Fire conference. This was sponsored by Reconciling Ministries Network, a group of people who aim to change church law and allow persons living lives of unrepenant sexual sin to become ordained clergy.

Of course, they couch it in pretty language, saying things like "welcoming into full participation of the life of the church." Let's call a spade a spade. You want practicing homosexuals to be allowed to lead congregations.

Well, what we have here is a failure, on the part of our churches, to teach real Biblical truths. For so many years we have shied away from the hard topics, for fear of aleinating someone. Now look where it has gotten us!! We have people who are so far lost, that they refuse to accept and truly repe…
Gosh! I haven't posted in ages. Not that it really matter, I suppose. This is for me, relly. But now that our home internet connection is up and running, I have no excuse. Hey! I don't need an excuse, do I?
Here's the thing, i don't have anything interesting to say. Of course, this hasn't stopped me in the past, but for now, I will wait until I can be scintillating.