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Wow. How more remiss can I get? It has been well over a month since I last blogged. Not that anyone is actually reading. But that's ok. This is for ME ME ME! My only excuse, poor as it is, is that it is TAX SEASON.
So, the abridged version of what has been going on:
Jon still hates his job, though he got another promotion.
I am sooo ready for my visit home in May. Lookout Maryland, here I come!!!
Jon still practicing, hopefull a gig will come soon??? Please please please??

So that is the only news-- our life is incredibly boring, you see.

I am really struggling right now with God's direction in my life. I know he is talking, but I really have to work on my listening skills. Emmaus may help that. Toying with some ideas, and really need to find something that quiets my thoughts. I think I will chew on htat awhile...