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I think most folks my age grew up in either a Star Trek house, or a Star Wars house.  I grew up in the former, with reruns of the original series (which my parents liked, but I couldn't stand) and my beloved TNG.  I'm pretty sure Wil Weaton's presence had at least a little something to do with my enjoyment of the show.  I love to ask Alexa for "tea, Earl Grey, hot," or instruct her to "make it so."  In case there was ever any doubt, I am a bit of a nerd.  Case in point, I researched which term to use: nerd, geek, or dork.  Dweeb also came in to the equation, and I found a really cool Venn diagram to help:

So, here I sit in my nerdiness, thinking about the coming months and all that they bring.  Each year, I seek a new word to guide my thoughts and actions.  I pray and meditate on scripture during December to see what God has in store for me.  For 2017, the word was abide, which certainly summed up so much of our life with Imogen at home; 2016 was trust,…