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A change of season.

I maintain that October is Las Vegas makes up for the nasty summers. This week was our annual "turning off of the central air" ceremony. Windows are open (with security bars in place, Dad) and fans are running. I love autumn. I love waking up to a cold nose and snuggling into Jon (I am married to a furnace); I love the smell of woodsmoke in the air as the fireplaces get going; I love the distinct aroma of rotting leaves. I am an autumn kind of girl. Sweaters and soup and the end of daylight savings time.

At the end of summer's oppressive heat is the cooling. Seasons are, quite possibly, my favorite part of God's creation. Right now, Jon's and my life is in a summer; it's hot, sticky, and uncomfortable. There are brief moments of artificial cooling, but we always have to get back into the heat. Fall is my reminder that summer is not endless; at the end comes the cool.

God will send a cooling season for our summer, just as he sends the cooling season fo…

Grey skies are gonna clear up...

And so on and so forth. Thanks to a lot of prayers and pray-ers(you know who you are) and a little old fashioned pounding of the pavement, things are looking up.

I started a new job at the beginning of August. The office culture is good, the location could not be beat (just over two miles- walking distance when I am not too lazy), and the work is getting more interesting. The drawbacks are mostly lack of flexibility (I really miss being able to shuffle my hours around to tackle church projects and have the occasional lunch with a girlfriend) and a much higher stress level than I am used to.

Jon starts a part-time gig as a production assistant for a show at a major resort. I dunno if it would be proper to divulge too many specifics, but the resort only has three letter to its name, and is a block off The Strip. Full time would be ideal, but this is good to keep things afloat until he is recalled (We are praying for the first part of October on that one.).

The head game? That's st…