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There's a song in the air...

1) Actually, there are lots of them. Lots and lots of "Holiday" music everywhere. The Rockstar rolls his eyes a little less, now that it is officially December. I understand his frustration, really. I have been pretty good about not playing Christmas carols too often. I'm thinking that next year I shall pull together a playlist of Advent carols and secular winter songs for his enjoyment until December 24; that way, we're at least honoring the correct season.

2) This is my first Christmas back in retail in eight years. I am grateful that, while we are very busy, the nature of our business prevents me from having rude people physically right in my face. I mean, once that call is disconnected. Scrooge is someone else's problem and I am totally free to rolls my eyes!

3) People often say that they will pay more for certain things: quality, customer service, and to support an organization that perhaps treats their people well. Guess what? Most of them are lyi…

Worst. Day. Ever.

I am still a little numb, though Jon and I are both still employed.

Thank you for your prayers, I fill in more later.

Coveting your prayers...

So, we are waiting to hear some potentially big news that may or may not have huge ramifications for us. How's that for clarity?

If you are praying people, I'd love a few of them. Jon and I will know more this afternoon.

The world is still rotating on its axis...

I am an early-to-bed early-to-rise kind of girl. I fell asleep before the polls closed and surfaced around 9 PM to ask The Rockstar if Senator McCain had conceded. Got my answer and went back to sleep. Very uneventful evening at our house- no crying, no pouting, no gnashing of teeth; just a typical early night at chezWolske.

Here are a few jumbled thoughts on the election and what I think it means for me and us:

1) I was not surprised that Senator Obama won the election, nor was I surprised by the impressive margin by which he won. Congratulations to him and good on all of you who worked so hard to put him in office!

2) Many of my fellow conservatives who are also Christ-followers have written and spoken things along the lines of, "I am praying hard for our country," or, "I am trying to see God's hand in all this." Here' s the thing: we (as Christ followers) should always be praying for our country and her leaders, no matter who they may be! Additionall…

Our last Vegas move?

I am certainly hoping so! This weekend, we are leaving Desert Shores behind for the quieter Green Valley. Instead in 27.5 miles of freeway, our daily commute will be 2.5 miles of bike lane. I can completely understand why people who live in Henderson seldom leave. I can completely see myself becoming one of those people who seldom venture north of Flamingo or west of Industrial. Why should I? Everything is here!
Here's the rundown on the new digs:
2 bedroom/ 2.5 bath, detached
Single car garage
1300 square feet
Backyard is completely enclosed (slump block, so lots of privacy)
2 good-sized pine trees providing lots of shade
Fresh and Easy is less than one block away!
2.5 miles from Zappos
Closest movie theater is 1/2 mile away
Less than one mile from the beltway, so easy access anywhere
45 minutes closer to Yuma

Those are the important things, I think. I picked up the keys this morning and am taking a carload of things over this afternoon. Tomorrow, Jon is renting a tru…

Wednesday Morning, 3AM*

I am a girl who needs her sleep. My body requires a solid 7 hours to even function well, and I really thrive when I can get 8.5 hours. (I know it is not cool to admit to a need for sleep; I hear those around me bragging about how little sleep they get. Ugh) Needless to say, I am less than thrilled to have my nights interrupted by concerns, both real and imagined. In an effort to purge my overact brain of this junk, I am going to put the crazy thoughts out into the world and look at the rationally.
1) We have to move. The woman who owns our condo defaulted on her mortgage. Ok. Nothing to be done but move.
2) We don't yet know where we are going to live. We filed an application for a cute little house down in Green Valley. It's 2.5 miles from Zappos. Just waiting to hear, so nothing more to be done there.
3) What if we don't get that house? Well, it's not like there is any shortage of homes in the valley. So we will find someplace else.
4) What about A finding a j…

And now for something completely different...

It is no secret that I am not a fan of change. Someone once told me that most people who don't like change feel that way because we don't like to be inconvenienced. I am not even going to get into how many ways that is not the case for me. Suffice to say, I will put up with MAJOR inconvenience to avoid change!
Two weeks ago, I returned from a walk to find a realtor's business card attached to our front door with a note that read "Unit has been foreclosed on please call 498-xxxx." My first thought was about the poor grammar, but that's another post. So, I called the number and was advised that the owner of our condo had indeed defaulted on her mortgage and Countrywide was offering us relocation money and so forth. I was reeling and asked the very nice gentleman if I could call our property manager to verify everything; he agreed. The upshot is that our unit was foreclosed upon back in July, which means that the owner has probably been collecting rent sin…


So I went here to get one of these:


I decided to browse a little and came upon a section titled Clever Conservative Items. Now I like funny, maybe even biting, t-shirts just as much as the next girl (perhaps even more so), but this one just rubs me the wrong way:

Really? The enemy of whom? And do we really want to be associated this election cycle with Nixon? Really??

In the interest of accountability...

My cholesterol is, to quote Dr. Mike, "a bit elevated." 209 total, and the LDL:HDL is "not where we like to see things either." Yeah. I am really not surprised, what with my diet and exercise habits this past month. So back to minding my P's and Q's which I have not done since before vacation. Recheck in 6 months and all that jazz. The win: not passing out when the drew my blood. Don't laugh; it has happened before.

In happier news, I will begin my new job with a squeaky-clean gut! I will visit the endoscopy center next Thursday. My husband is taking a rather unkind delight in this. Of course, we don't yet know his results...

No good deed goes unpunished...

There are two people in my household. One of us is faithful in certain areas of his (or her) health. The other has not seen a doctor in more than six years, and has not had a physical exam since he (or she) was required by the US government. No names, though. Ahem.

Today, this all came to an end. My Jonathan and I each had an appointment with Dr. Mike, our new internist. Good wife that I am, I made the appointments, filled out the necessary paperwork, and showed my darling man where to sign. (No excuses, you see?)

Everything went swimmingly; we each met with the good doctor and did the "visit to establish care" thing. Once we checked out and were in the car, I reviewed the particulars. Hmph.

Monday morning is blood work (to be expected), and our physicals are later in the week. This was to be expected. What I did not expect was this: Jon walks out with an order for blood work- four tests, and his phys appointment card. I walk out with an order for blood work- EIGHT t…

Brain Dump

1) Played Bunco last might with some dear girlfriends from church. Note: dried apricots stuffed with almonds are yummy. Note also: sometimes food can look unintentionally naughty. I brought the snacks in question to the Rock Star for his inspection-- he just shook his head.

2) I was not built for this heat. I have been listless, my gut is all upset, and I am praying for a break. The break should be here this weekend, just in time for...

3) Jon scored us a couple tickets to see Jane's Addiction Saturday night at Red Rock. Concert is outside at the pool. I am hoping this means we can at least stick our feet in the water. My favorite kind of show-- FREE!

4) Before said concert, we are going to grab a bite with a couple of Zappos peeps. I am looking forward to that as much as, if not more than, the concert. Frank and Fina's has some darned good guacamole.

5) Two movies in the last week: Get Smart, which made me laugh so hard that I truly thought I might wet my pants, and …

I am Gary Hutson's daughter.

He could try to deny it, but the proof is there each time I look in the mirror. It's in the deep-set eyes, the high cheekbones, the long face that runs to hollow-cheeked when I am tired. It's all there. It is in my hands and feet- the fingers and toes so long and straight, the instep high. Many who know me say I am my mother all over again, or even "Little Madge," but that is mannerisms. No, I may act like Mudder, and hold my head like she and Gram do, but much of the raw material is Dad.

Dad gave me his love of history, poetry, and Poe. In fact, he wanted to name me Lenore, a fight I am eternally grateful he lost! It is a lovely name, but I am not sure I could handle the knowledge that I was named after "the queenliest dead that ever died so young". (I never said the man was always practical!)

We both tend to favor American History, though he prefers the Civil War Era and I lean more toward The Revolution. One summer, our travel plans included a day i…

Getting out my can opener...

Most people who know me "IRL" know that I am pretty conservative, but that I am also very "live and let live." I prefer not to have the government telling me what I should do and how I should do it, therefore, I don't think the gov't should tell other people what they should do and how. I do feel, however, that each "right" I claim carries with it an equal responsibility. That is, is I believe that I have a right to life, I have a responsibility to honor that right for someone else (i.e. do not kill him).

I do not want the government telling me what faith I can hold or how to practice it; consequently, I have a very difficult time stomaching telling someone else if or how he can practice his. This all brings me to some word vomit on my jumbled thoughts and feeling about the news out of West Texas:

1) I reaffirm my belief that the government should be out of the business of marrying people. Many of the "evils"of polygamy (from a social s…

Not Mutually Exclusive- (video is PG)

(H/T to Gavin for the video)

I think I am a person of above-average intelligence. Truly. However, I fail to see where science and faith are mutually exclusive. My mother is a scientist; my mother is also the person who was most instrumental in my spiritual formation. One of the finest scientific minds I know (that is, know personally) belongs to a man of great faith.

Here goes the part where I alienate half (or maybe all) of the people who read my blog:

I do not believe in a literal seven twenty-four-hour-day creation. I do, however, believe that we were created. I believe that an evolutionary model may offer some insight as to how we were created, but not why. For they why, I must rely on my faith, simple as it is.

I do not believe that science and faith a re mutually exclusive. I do wonder, however, if science and religion are mutually exclusive.

This video has me chuckling, but it is somewhat bittersweet. I think Richard Dawkins has been gifted with a brilliant mind and a curi…

Back in the saddle

So I have decided to try this from my phone. I am hoping that the
convenience will help me update more frequently. It seems that I am
seldom in one place long enough to get a post completed, with work
being the one exception (for obvious reasons, not an appropriate place
for blogging, even if I did have the time).Moving on... There has been and continues to be much going on in the
life of the Rock star and me. We are both back in the land of
full-time employment (actually, jon is working more than full time for
now- trying to catch up our savings) and the cat seems to be missing
all the time she got to spend with her daddy.Such is life. More ramblings and well-formed opinions to come (that
part was a joke).--
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