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Saturday, December 06, 2008
There's a song in the air...
1) Actually, there are lots of them. Lots and lots of "Holiday" music everywhere. The Rockstar rolls his eyes a little less, now that it is officially December. I understand his frustration, really. I have been pretty good about not playing Christmas carols too often. I'm thinking that next year I shall pull together a playlist of Advent carols and secular winter songs for his enjoyment until December 24; that way, we're at least honoring the correct season.

2) This is my first Christmas back in retail in eight years. I am grateful that, while we are very busy, the nature of our business prevents me from having rude people physically right in my face. I mean, once that call is disconnected. Scrooge is someone else's problem and I am totally free to rolls my eyes!

3) People often say that they will pay more for certain things: quality, customer service, and to support an organization that perhaps treats their people well. Guess what? Most of them are lying. Look at a W@!m@r+ parking lot if you think I am wrong. Sorry if that sounded bitter, it was really just meant to be jaded.

4) I am back in the Liturgy and quite happy there. It's a great connection to be able to call my mum and dad 2800 miles away and talk about readings and teaching points. I have missed that connection.

5) Jon and I have put up our tree and two decorations on it. Overtime has been taking alot of our time lately, but I think we can finish tomorrow. There are only four weeks each year when this opportunity comes, and we are taking full advantage. Twelve hours each this week and maybe fifteen going forward. Yay! Emergency fund getting replenished!

6) I am twenty pounds away from the maximum allowable enlistment weight for my age group. Still striving to get more disciplined, but I'll make it. I have to take the ASVAB again, as my scores are too old. That's fine with me. It's really not the twenty pounds I am concerned with-- it's the twenty push-ups. Ugh! All things in time.

7) Date night tonight was Australia, which is an ideal date movie, IMHO. It has been some time since I was so captivated by a film. Baz Lurhman is truly a storyteller.

That's my bratty brain dump for now. I have several skeins of yarn calling my name. Three hats and two scarves on the agenda for this week! I will have to pry some of the yarn away from Jon. I think he is still petting it!

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