Feast One Hundred Forty-six

Name something you think is “the best.”

Fisher's Popcorn is the best snack food. Ever.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 highest), how stressed are you today?

Today was a 9.8 all the way. Fortunately, I have a super-understanding husband who lets me vent and gives me time to get over myself. Yay Jon!

What kind of cleanser do you use to wash your face?

Until one week ago, when my eyelids swelled up, it was ProActiv. Now I am using Neutrogena. Anyone want some Proactiv? I have two unopened cleansers, and one each of the toner and repairing lotion. Ugh...

Main Course
Tonight is a blue moon! What is something that you believe only happens “once in a blue moon.”

Once in a blue moon I can get one over on my husband. Maybe. He's pretty quick-witted.

When was the last time it rained where you live?

I don't remember, but it has been a couple months. This is the Mojave, after all. We are actually coming up on our "monsoon season" in the summer. Last year was pretty much a bust, but maybe El Nino will bring us some of the wet stuff. I miss the rain almost as much as I miss my mum.

Please dine with us here.


tegdirb92 said…
we are waiting for our monsoons too. Great feast!
Christina said…
Happy Friday!
The popcorn sounds yummy. I love a good-quality tub of popcorn especially when it's time to watch a movie.
Bongga Mom said…
I love caramel popcorn! Great feast!
Hey, Ms. Mojave! Greetings from the north end of the Central Valley!

Great feast. Have a great Friday and stop by!

(No thanks on the Proactiv . . . what a bummer!)
amy said…
neat blog!!! Im always looking for new snacks...

Melody said…
Hi Kelly, great feast! I like your appetizer! Happy Friday.
I'm going to have to check out the Fisher's popcorn. My daughter would love it! Great Feast. Happy Friday.
Eleisia said…
I like your blog. Great image at the top.
Had the same problem with my facial cleanser. Tossed it. What are they putting in cleansers these days?
Drop by my Friday Feast.
Susanna said…
I am glad we don't have monsoons...it rains hard enough here anyway! Happy Friday to you. I have never been to your blog before and love the Wesley quote. How very true.
Callie Ann said…
So you say you live in Mojave. That's the one that is up the road from Bakersfield. If so I use to go that way on the way to visit my mom in Palm Springs. I live in Albany Oregon currently. Nice blog. I will be back to visit. Have a great weekend.
KnicKnac said…
Ugh, ProActiv sucks, that is for sure, if you find anyone to take yours bring them over my way as well! Great Feast!
Raggedy said…
Great Friday Feast!
My feast is served.
Have a wonderful day!
(")_ (")Š
Great Feast...

My daughter is a popcorn ADDICT..she could eat it and only it..
Great Feast! Thanks for sharing.
maiylah said…
i love popcorn, so am so sure i'm going to love your appetizer! :)
happy friday!
Thanks for the popcorn link. I'll have to try that.
Thanks for the popcorn link. I'll have to try that.
Hootin'Anni said…
Must be a fun place --your house!! To have a witty husband! Me? I have to get the hammer out and do a reflex test on his knees to make sure he's still alive!

[just kidding]

Happy feasting.
Starchy said…
Great feast!
Mimi Lenox said…
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Thanks and peace!
Michelle said…
Your main course made me laugh! My husband is pretty quick witted too. :) My feast is up!
Imogen said…
Hey...Great Feast!
Your (understanding & quick-witted) husband sounds like a keeper ;)
Have a lovely, relaxing weekend :)
Kim said…
Great feast today! Love popcorn myself along with my whole family.

My feast is up...come on over!
Ann said…
my first feast is up. come and visit. I like your site. Love popcorn. Hope your day is better.
Susan said…
This was a great feast, Kelly! I love it that your hubby helps you when you are stressed. Gotta love those husbands!!

:-) Susan
mommy zabs said…
Is proactive really that bad? i thought people love it? I was going to offer to buy them, but then someone commented that it was horrible. Hm.
mommy zabs said…
i need a feed address for your site!

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