Day one

1 serving Organic High Fiber cereal ($0.25)
1 banana ($0.19)
1 cup ff milk ($0.17)

Total for breakfast: $0.61

2 slices protein bread ($0.21)
1 scrambled egg (.09)
2 apples (0.40)

Total for lunch: $0.70

1 peach (.18)
1 cup milk (0.17)
1 apple (.20)

Total snacks: $0.55

Baked potato (.30)
Broccoli (.22)
1 slice 2% cheese (.16)
1 cup salad greens (.17)
1 T salad dressing (.05)

Total for dinner: $.9o

Day one total: $2.76

Some first day thoughts:

I usually have this hot cereal with blueberries, but the banana was much more economical. I must say, too, that I liked it better. It tasted like warm banana bread. It filled me up well, too. (I had budgeted for a peach with breakfast, but decided to save it for later) I know now that I could have added some nuts for protein. Maybe tomorrow.

I am doing this on my own and not expecting Jon to keep to this budget. In some ways this is easier, as I eat hot cereal for breakfast anyway. In other ways it is more difficult. After all, I can make a yummy casserole for five or six for less than one dollar per serving, but food for one is trickier.

I am also allowing myself some limited "free" condiments: salt, pepper, sugar, sweetener, ketchup, and mustard. Margarine, mayo, and oil will be figured in on a per-teaspoon basis.

Soda and coffee are no problem for me, but I am not having my copious cups of tea. Also, no juice unless it is in the budget. I already drink water most of the time anyway, so I don't anticipate a problem there.

Reading the blogs of Congressional Food Stamp Challenge participants has been interesting. I would like to see these congressmen try my food budget for a week, let alone a food stamp budget. Seriously, how out of touch can a person get????


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