Why I love my church family (Part 2)

Karen. Really, Karen and her family have been such a blessing to (Jon and) me. Teaching is one thing, music is a nice bonus, but what turns a church into a church home is community. Karen "does community" in everything.

She calls out of the blue to see how my week is going. She brings smoothies and coffee at just the right moment (when I am liketwosecondsaway from pulling out my hair). She also knows pretty much what I am going to say before I say it (a little scary for those of you who know me IRL).

And you know what else? Karen knows when to not even ask. She just knows. My plate is full this week and hers is even more full, believe me. Yet she knows that the healthy thing for me is to not add something else. Knowing full well I would say, "sure, I'll do it", she just doesn't ask. I love that she has my back where I am lacking good sense.


Susan said…
These friends are so precious, aren't they??? Blessings to you in this busy time.

:-) Susan

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