Weighing in on the weekend

1) For the first time in my memory, our gas prices are actually BELOW the national average. I filled up for $3.159, which while far from ideal, is much better than much of the country. I still cannot understand the perpetual desire to see conspiracies in all of this. ExxonMobil posted record profits because- say it with me now- they are THE LARGEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD. If they didn't have larger profits, I would be worried. Wouldn't you?

2) We have twenty-six days until vacation in OBX. I am really looking forward to spending good beach time with my mum, BIL, SIL, sis, and whomever else makes their way down to Corolla. Mum has let a house for a week and I am cooking for the crew. Some sun, some cards, some beer- good times.

3) Jon and I took in a movie this afternoon- Hot Fuzz, a cute British spoof of American action flix. Laughed. A lot. I love Bill Nighy any way I can find him. He was hilarious in Love, Actually and freaking brilliant in Notes on a Scandal.

4) Yesterday evening I babysat a couple of kids from church who were an absolute joy. We are so incredibly blessed to have found a church home at Gracepoint.

5) Speaking of GP, Devin wrapped up our RAW (Relationships Are Work) series this week with parenting. Jon will be happy to read that it slowed my biological clock down a little. Something about 1 hour of sleep in four days cooled my jets.

6) I love how technology changes the way we do everyday things. I can order groceries, take a class, and now tithe online. For someone pulled in as many different directions as I am, these are huge gifts of time.

7) Are Jon and I the only people in the free world who have not seen any Pirates of the Caribbean movies?

8) Talking to my SIL this weekend really highlighted how fast my nephews are growing up. I think when I see them next month, I'll hardly recognize them!


Susan said…

Your "biological clock" comment made me laugh! Yep, there is that period of sleep deprivation!

And, no, until this past Saturday, I was also in the "never-seen-any-Pirates-of-the-Carribean-movie" club. I watched #2 with my family. Now I need to go back and see #1.

You are SO RIGHT about the conveniences of shopping, going to school and tithing online. LOVE IT!

Have a great week! Can't wait to hear about your time away...sounds fun.

:-) Susan
Rachelle said…
Just have to respond to #7... hubby and I fell asleep during Pirates 1 -- so we never bothered with 2 or 3. Still love the ride at Disneyland, though, and it's funnier now that they've added Captain Jack! (Hey, you don't have to watch the movies to appreciate Johnny Depp, right?)
Susan, it is the amount of sleep deprivation which worries me. I like to sleep. It is one of my favorite hobbies. I like to go to bed before 9 pm. Yes, I am eighty.

Rachelle, Johnny Depp is pretty much the only reason I am interested in these movies. His politics aside, I think he is a fine actor. The trailers and teasers I have seen look funny.

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