Happy Birthday, Critter!

Tonight you will dine off the Red Plate. Dad is making your favorite birthday dinner (and I am trying to remember a time when you didn't ask for spinach fettuccine for your day).

Twenty-seven, kiddo. Wow. Sometimes I think that it is a complete testimony to God's Grace that we made it this far without killing each other. Not only that, but we have managed to be friends. Chalk and cheese, that's us. You were all about She-Ra, where I was more into playing house. Remember how Rick used to drive us crazy when we went camping? He would follow us around singing whatever popped into his head? Sheesh! Pop him one for me tonight, will you?

This evening, as you celebrate another year on this rock, know that I am thinking about you. Know that, no matter what, you are stuck with me as your older sister. Know that I love you tons and bunches. And know that, while Mom might love you best, I will always be the princess. ;)

Much much love, little sis.
Kelly Anne


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