Why I love my church family.

Overheard this evening:

Person A: Well if being a Christian means that I can't play poker for money, I am not sure I want into that.

Person B: My being a Christian has nothing to do with it, my being the keeper of the money in my household does. Dude. money doesn't come easily, so why would I waste it that way?

Person A: That's retarded.

Person B: Why would I take advice on how to live my life from an unemployed eighteen year-old who lives with his mother?

Everyone else: Good point! Ouch!


John Kaiser said…
Where did you hear that conversation?
After a youth event. We are all about keeping it real, let me tell you.
mommy zabs said…
Love this blog! Will be back. That quote at the top is so SO true. And I love WORLD magazine too!
Susan said…
Toooo funny....It sounds like a comment my teens would have with their friends.

:-) Susan

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