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Popularity contest...

Hutson is the 2302nd most popular surname in the U.S.

Wolske is the 25892nd most popular name in the U.S.

Jones is the 4th most popular name in the U.S.

Pelland is the 26190th most popular name in the U.S.

I guess Mom and Gram win, though Mom relinquished bragging rights somewhere around August of 1969. (Sorry Dana-Jean!)

PS Second cup of senna leaf tea. I am SO looking forward to my lemonade!
Mom used to tell me that sympathy was found in the dictionary...

This morning, I was worrying aloud about master cleanse, which I begin tonight. My loving, supportive husband was really being so kind about everything, reassuring me and the like.


J: Honey, I was wondering, since you are taking this on...
Me: Yes? (thinking he would offer to do the cleanse with me)
J: Would you like to sleep on my side of the bed? It is closer to the bathroom, afterall!


The entire saying, as per my mum is, "You can find sympathy in the dictionary-- between s%^t and turd."
Exploring Individual Health Insurance...

Being married to a musician has some pretty cool perks. Free tickets to Mystere, backstage passes, name-dropping potential (not that I do this). Shoot, I even get laundry and the occasional hot meal out of the bargain!

What we don't have, however, is an employer-sponsored health plan. And until I finish school, it is highly unlikely that one will appear. We have been gambling the last 9 months and, knock on wood, have won. I have a couple of minor health concerns and am not too comfortable with the financial roulette we are playing. As far as pre-existing conditions go, I am ok (as far as NV state law). I haven't needed treatment for several years.

In my research for an HSA- elgible plan, I have come up pretty dry. I know somewhere out there there must be a PPO model that is HSA- friendly. I just haven't found one yet!

What I have found is a Health-Sharing plan. In particular, I have found Medi-Share, which is a non-insurance…
Just a little light reading...

On the Border of Madness

Illegal Invasion
Can't we all just get along?

Ok, the Wolskeboys arescrapping in the blogosphere. Here is my slightly less reactionary, slightly less bleeding-heart take on this subject:

Undocument workers, as we are encouraged to call them, are, for the most part, hard working people who want nothing more than to better themselves. As a US citizen, blessed enough to be born here, I cannot fault that. In fact, I applaud it. However, I cannot stomach this newspeak. Let's call a spade a spade. They are here illegally, however noble their reasons. Ok, that's done. I will hereafter refer to such persons as illegal immigrants.

I don't know if this is somehow undermining my husband's authority as head of our family, but I must take personal and public exception to his characterization of people crossing a "filthy desert" as different from other immigrants' arrivals. My great great grandfather was caught paoching hare on the king's propoerty in Wales and was subseq…
Can you grieve the loss of someone you never met?

I think I can. For some time now, I have followed the journal of a young church planter in Ohio, Mark Palmer. I find now, at his passing, that I am far from alone.

His writings, his walk with Christ, his very life here on this earth left (and will continue to leave) footprints on my soul and those of countless others.

I first came upon his journal through Apex, a community of house churches here in the valley. Mark and his son Micah lost their wife and mother to stomach cancer in 2003. As Mark began to heal, it became apparent that God had sent Amy to them, to be wife to Mark and Mother to Micah.

Now, it seems that God gave them Amy to be Mother to Micah, and to tell him how much his Father and First Mother loved him. Last night, I went back and read Mark's journal from the beginning. I am awed by his strength and his faith. Throughout Jennifer's cancer and later his own, his character humbles me.

I admit to a longing for t…
So, you want to convert from Islam to Christianity?

Well then, you MUST be crazy!

At least, that is one of the "outs" being explored by Afghan prosecutors. Abdul Rahman, a former aid worker has commited a capital offense. He converted away from the "peaceful religion" of Islam and has offened God. Apparently, God cannot take care of Abdul Rahman Himself, so the Afghan justice system will act in His stead.

And even so-called moderates are crying for his execution. Abdul Raoulf has said that Mr. Rahman has humiliated God.

Can we get a refund from the Afghan people? Let's just send them a bill, take this man off their hands, as he is so offensive, and get our men and women out of harm's way. I am not one to rail against the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform or their families, far from it. However, I do flirt with the idea that their sacrifices have been for a bunch of ingrates.

Who are we kidding? This is a country whose longest period of stability w…

Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty.
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'Nuff said.

Our New Baby...

New Toy #2
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That got your attention, didn't it?

Well, in case you've been under a rock these last couple of weeks, J has acquired a new bass. It is the Schecter Stiletto Studio 5 String, and here he is with it. Mind you, this picture was taken while the packing material was still littering our living room floor!

If you want further details, just call! J will be glad to tell you ALL about it!


This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing.
All the beer I want, but no shopping...

Man I love lent!

When I was living at home, my folks were big propoments of the "logical and natural consequences" school of child discipline, rather than doling "punishments." Though I have no children, I must have picked up something from Mudder and Dad.

Today, as I was cooking dinner,it reared its ugly head. I asked my DH to please step out to the grocery store for some hamburger buns (veggie stir-fry was on my completely anal-retentive menu list, but I was feeling spontaneous tonight). No response. I stuck my head into the computer room to make sure he heard me. "Ok, honey. In just a minute," he said.

Five minutes later, he's still in there, and I want dinner before he has to leave for band practice. So, rather than get upset, I grabbed to keys and dashed to Vons. That's when I saw it. Molson Canadian at $8.99 for a twelve-pack. At that price, who could turn it down? (Besides, we still need a few…
I am comtemplating hostility this afternoon.

Actually, this started out with me contemplating hostility yesterday morning, and this afternoon, after reading from so many people experiencing huge, devastating losses and uphill battles, I have reached an answer.

So, to misquote Edward R Murrow, THIS, I belive:

I believe that this world IS hostile. It is rough out there, people! If you doubt it, read some of the people to whom I linked above. They are fighting daily battles, real life and death battles. They have been knocked down so many times, I ache to think about it.

What is amazing is what these people are doing in their trials. They are praising. They are so full of Thanksgivng that I am ashamed of myself. How dare I get upset about, well, about ANYTHING in my life? What are my problems, really? It is incredibly humbling to read Palmer's journaling. He has lost so much, he is literally fighting for his life, and yet, he tells anyone who will listem how blessed he is. How …
J's first "honey do"...

I must say that a girl could very easily get used to a husband who washes dishes and is willing to do laundry (though I am unwilling to relinquish THAT little task) when he is home during the day.

This weekend's project was a new garbage disposal. Our old one was improperly installed and, moreover, just plain junk. So off we went to Sears for a pretty little Kenmore disposal. I found all the necessary information to install said gem, and we were off.

Yeah right. That's when we discovered that our drains were not run properly. This probably contributed to the demise of our old dispoal. So, two calls to my dad and one extended trip to Lowes later, we were off again!

It actually went in very easily, and now J has some new skills to his name. Check out his handiwork!

All that and a rock star, too!
Movie suggestion...

I don't usually put this kind of thing "out there," and I am loathe to call this a recommendation (simply because I don't want the greif if you hate the flick), but I humbly suggest getting out to see Failure to Launch.

As far as I am concerned, SJP has redeemed herself for that awful Christmas movie she did last year. I laughed. Lots. And so did J, so this was an all-around winner. Worth the ridiculous price to see in the theatre.

P.S. Am I the only person who wants to see Nacho Libre? Even J shook his head at that one!
Shameless plug...

J's new project.
More adjustments than a chiropractor after a bus accident...

Ok, so that one is lame. What can I say, I am a bean counter, not a comedy writer. The point is the same. We are rewriting our home life in LV-Wolskeland.

J has now been freelancing for almost two weeks. He has now been home for 2.5 consecutive days and counting.

It is weird, I must say, having him home. I like it, don't get me wrong. I really like it. Really really like it. It is just that I have gotten used to puttering around, doing my own thing, that's all. I am used to wandering around, dabbling here and there, not speaking to anyone (and that may really shock some people!) other than the odd comment to Tele. Now, there is someone else in my space. A big someone. At least he is cute.

I am finding, as I become more accustomed to having hubby at home, that there is an entire world of possibilites out there. Maybe even some grocery shopping? This would help him not feel such cabin fever, and relieve our …
"Look Ma, no hands!"

I put a bottle of wine in the fridge to chill. The trouble is, I am not sure if it is to celebrate a milestone, or to drown my sorrows. We have the ultimate mixed blessing on our hands.

J has quit his day job. There, I said it. Actually, I wrote it, and I have been practicing saying it. I don't choke over the words anymore. However, I do still tremble at the thought.

It isn't like this is completely out of the blue. After all, we moved out here almost two and one-half years ago. And this WAS our ultimate goal. I just wasn't ready for this quite yet. I don't know if I would have ever BEEN ready, though.

J was ready. More than ready. He finds this exhilarating. I find it terrifying. Together we are fine. Alone, I am a wreck. Right know, I am alone. Wrecked.

He is getting work as a audio tech for conventions and tv shoots. So he will not just be at home being a house husband, but the jobs come in fits and starts. He'll go …
There is a chick in my computer...

I don't know what has happened, but I think my husband has a girlfriend. She is about 2 inches tall and wears a newsboy cap. She showed up when I put POD on, so maybe she is with them.

Either way, it is obvious to me that J cannot be left home alone with the computer.
Score one for Comte!

Ah, yes, I do feel like stirring the pot a little this afternoon!

Two German psychologists have recently published findings that would indicate that altruism has deeped evolutionary roots than previously we previously thought.

Toddlers as young as 18 months took initiative to "assist" Dr. Felix Warneken when he experienced difficulty with ordinary tasks. Never asked or thanked, the subjects repeatedly retrieved dropped clothespins or books in a matter of seconds.

So, I guess Ayn Rand was wrong?
Two days...

Well, the streak has ended. I walked into the bedroom to find my DH holding the remote, looking perplexed.

I was sure it would be longer!
I am one in one thousand...

And here I thought I was one in one million! Not sure whether to laugh or cry over this little gem. Honestly, though, I am not terribly surprised, just terribly disappointed.

Can you name all five first amendment freedoms? I must confess that I had to verify one of them with a coworker. (But he wasn't sure either.)

I didn't need to verify the Simpsons' names.

Of course, I was fortunate enough to come by my US citizenship by birth. I am almost expected to be ignorant, you know? Not so my naturalized husband. I knew he would reknew my faith in humanity. Yeah.

Can I tell you that J has the cutest dimples? Even when he is laughing at his own inability to answer the first question? He got three right off the bat, one mroe with prompting, and choked on the last one (same one I wasn't sure of). Again, no problem with Homer, Marge, or any of their animated prgeny.

I love that we are comfortable enough in our own ignorance to laugh.