I am one in one thousand...

And here I thought I was one in one million! Not sure whether to laugh or cry over this little gem. Honestly, though, I am not terribly surprised, just terribly disappointed.

Can you name all five first amendment freedoms? I must confess that I had to verify one of them with a coworker. (But he wasn't sure either.)

I didn't need to verify the Simpsons' names.

Of course, I was fortunate enough to come by my US citizenship by birth. I am almost expected to be ignorant, you know? Not so my naturalized husband. I knew he would reknew my faith in humanity. Yeah.

Can I tell you that J has the cutest dimples? Even when he is laughing at his own inability to answer the first question? He got three right off the bat, one mroe with prompting, and choked on the last one (same one I wasn't sure of). Again, no problem with Homer, Marge, or any of their animated prgeny.

I love that we are comfortable enough in our own ignorance to laugh.


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