All the beer I want, but no shopping...

Man I love lent!

When I was living at home, my folks were big propoments of the "logical and natural consequences" school of child discipline, rather than doling "punishments." Though I have no children, I must have picked up something from Mudder and Dad.

Today, as I was cooking dinner,it reared its ugly head. I asked my DH to please step out to the grocery store for some hamburger buns (veggie stir-fry was on my completely anal-retentive menu list, but I was feeling spontaneous tonight). No response. I stuck my head into the computer room to make sure he heard me. "Ok, honey. In just a minute," he said.

Five minutes later, he's still in there, and I want dinner before he has to leave for band practice. So, rather than get upset, I grabbed to keys and dashed to Vons. That's when I saw it. Molson Canadian at $8.99 for a twelve-pack. At that price, who could turn it down? (Besides, we still need a few labels to fill out J's art project.)

I'm back home inside of 15 minutes and get dinner plated. Here he comes, looking suitably apologetic. "That's ok, Honey," I tell him, "You were talking to Betty. But if you could, please get my beer out of the truck? Thanks, sweetie!"

J said he never knew me to be cruel until tonight. And yet, I am unmoved. Had he gone to the grocery store, I never would have seen on sale. Yep, natural consequences, my friends. See, J gave up alcohol for Lent. But I didn't.

BTW, the label on this one is particularly funny. There is a drawing of a Brannock device, and the caption reads, "Look at my shoes, you'll be impressed"


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