I am comtemplating hostility this afternoon.

Actually, this started out with me contemplating hostility yesterday morning, and this afternoon, after reading from so many people experiencing huge, devastating losses and uphill battles, I have reached an answer.

So, to misquote Edward R Murrow, THIS, I belive:

I believe that this world IS hostile. It is rough out there, people! If you doubt it, read some of the people to whom I linked above. They are fighting daily battles, real life and death battles. They have been knocked down so many times, I ache to think about it.

What is amazing is what these people are doing in their trials. They are praising. They are so full of Thanksgivng that I am ashamed of myself. How dare I get upset about, well, about ANYTHING in my life? What are my problems, really? It is incredibly humbling to read Palmer's journaling. He has lost so much, he is literally fighting for his life, and yet, he tells anyone who will listem how blessed he is. How dare I whine?

Elizabeth Goodine wrote a song which really represents my goal. I don't do this well. Yet. I love to wallow enjoy a pity party as much as the next person. Okay, more. I struggle almost daily with that particular head game.

Cognitive Therapy is a discipline which I am still learning. For me, it is an uphill battle. I have genetics stacked against me, but I am not going to let something like that get the best of me. I don't have to fight this battle alone; I also have a Father who gives hope beyond the hostility of man and the world.

That is what makes all the difference. All the hostlity that the Adversary can dish out is no match for an omnipotent Savior. He may win for here and now, but that will not last.

Yes, the world is hostile, but I am called to be IN this world, and not Of it. And so, I will strive. I will push back when the world pushes; I will get back up when I am knocked down; and each time, I will rejoice, for eachand every blow is one more opportunity to praise.


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