J's first "honey do"...

I must say that a girl could very easily get used to a husband who washes dishes and is willing to do laundry (though I am unwilling to relinquish THAT little task) when he is home during the day.

This weekend's project was a new garbage disposal. Our old one was improperly installed and, moreover, just plain junk. So off we went to Sears for a pretty little Kenmore disposal. I found all the necessary information to install said gem, and we were off.

Yeah right. That's when we discovered that our drains were not run properly. This probably contributed to the demise of our old dispoal. So, two calls to my dad and one extended trip to Lowes later, we were off again!

It actually went in very easily, and now J has some new skills to his name. Check out his handiwork!

All that and a rock star, too!


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