More adjustments than a chiropractor after a bus accident...

Ok, so that one is lame. What can I say, I am a bean counter, not a comedy writer. The point is the same. We are rewriting our home life in LV-Wolskeland.

J has now been freelancing for almost two weeks. He has now been home for 2.5 consecutive days and counting.

It is weird, I must say, having him home. I like it, don't get me wrong. I really like it. Really really like it. It is just that I have gotten used to puttering around, doing my own thing, that's all. I am used to wandering around, dabbling here and there, not speaking to anyone (and that may really shock some people!) other than the odd comment to Tele. Now, there is someone else in my space. A big someone. At least he is cute.

I am finding, as I become more accustomed to having hubby at home, that there is an entire world of possibilites out there. Maybe even some grocery shopping? This would help him not feel such cabin fever, and relieve our Saturday mornings of that chore. Ironing? Laundry? The mind reels!

Perhaps the biggest indicator of this new order was last night at bedtime. Tele, who has always been a Mama's-Cat, left my side to snuggle up to J when he came to bed. I think I got a little misty-eyed. Naw, that's just allergies.

And so, the adventure continues!


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