1) I am almost convinced that the FairTax is the best thing since sliced bread. I am convinced that it is a vast improvement over the current tax code. Signed the petition last friday, drafting letters today. (Don't gloat, Dad. It's not becoming.)

2) I am very disappointed in our local polititians. Can I write in "None of the above," pretty please?

3) My favorite campaign quote: "Sure, I'm a carpetbagger, but I want to be your carpetbagger." From Jack Carter, who will hopefully be defeated by our incumbent Jon Ensign. I like the balance that having a senator from each party provides.

4) Lemon-honey scones, dried cherry scones, double peanut butter cookies, and a scrubbed (yes, scrubbed, not mopped) kitchen floor are the results of my Saturday. Roast chicken, chicken salad and chicken noodle soup are the results of my Monday. Woohoo! I get more productive in the autumn. Tonight will be a new bread recipe. I am not living in complete CHAOS any longer.

5) I am halfway finished my christmas shopping. You may hate me now.


R.G. said…
Well, your productivity is downright enviable! Congratulations! I could sure go for a dried cherry scone right about now. Need my mailing address?

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