Four more days.

Four days until a hug from Mandy, a Caleb laugh, that chicken smell. A morning with Dad (since he and I will be up way before anyone else), an afternoon jaunt, a late night cribbage game with Mom.
Family vacation is upon us, and that means some surf fishing with Uncle Jim, pool time with Tara and the boys, and hanging with my baby brother. I have a few predictions for the week:

1) My nephews will be completely taken with my Uncle Jim, as he is simply the coolest uncle ever. (Sorry Jon, but it is true. You are second coolest, if that helps)

2) I will forget sunscreen on my feet and ears at least once and end up looking like some strange Vulcan-Hobbit cross.

3) It will take four hours before Mandy and I are rolling our eyes at one another. (Sisters are fun for that, right?)

4) After 24 hours, Jon and Matt will be itching to get away from so many women folk. Uncle Jim will already be on the beach with his fishing poles.

5) At least one Wolske (legal or biological) will end up with a headache one morning out of the seven. It will probably be me, as even my mother admits I am a complete pantyweight.

There you have it. My vacation predictions for 2007.


Susan said…
Sounds like great fun. Enjoy your vacation....And make some memories.

:-) Susan

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