A marked man... or, how my husband became a tattoed republican.

We begin a new series at church next week-- Tattoo. Devin will be talking to us about how we each have something which marks our lives. As part of this four-week series, we will have a person getting a tattoo during the service. This is pretty daring, even for us. My very brave girlfriend is "it" for one service, and yesterday I was marveling at her bravery when Jon pipes up and asks when his turn is. My characteristically smart-aleck response was something to the effect of, "what's stopping you?"

Dumb. I am dumb. Six years with this man has taught me NOTHING!!!!!

The discussion carried over into lunch with Wojo and J, ending with a telephone call and appointment at Bad Apple Tatto Company. Six hours later, this is what me have:

The artist, Jay, is a heck of a nice guy, and was very kind to the tatto virgin.

This somewhat painful afternoon is by way of Jon's very early 30th birthday gift. I am thinking my husband is something of a masochist. *shakes head*

Just another Vegas Sunday afternoon.


Susan said…
That's quite a work of art. I love the idea of someone getting a tattoo right during the service...interesting.

Have a great week.


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