There really is no place like home.

So glad to be back in my own bed, with my own cat and my husband. I had a lovely visit with family and friends, but the time on each end without Jon wasn't as much fun, I have to say. I suppose I am a sap, but I just do not like being away from him.

I have to start with a mini-rant, I think. A few observations from our trip

1) Why does the Salisbury Regional Airport rate FOUR TSA officers on duty at one time-- this time being 5:30 AM on a January 1. There is only one security gate and the planes only have 37 passengers when full. Is this my federal tax money at work, or are they just sucking the citizens of the Peoples Republic of Maryland for this?

2) Note to supervisors everywhere: when talking to your charges on a two-way, beware of snarky comments about customers. I have enough brain cells to compose a letter of complaint.

3) Lovely Fruitland W@(-m@%t pharmacist: with that attitude, you will always be ringing up Stouffer's lasagna with the Advil Cold and Sinus. See, the joy of retail is that part of your job is to provide CUSTOMER SERVICE. Don't like it? The hospital pharmacy is always hiring.

4) Suggestion for Wicomico County Tourism Board: Come for the quiet, stay for the violent intestinal illness. Yes, Jon and I continued our Christmas tradition of going home for family, fun, and V & D. Next year? Arizona and Gram.

Ok, now that I have that out of the way, I can say that we had a fantastic visit. Jon was able to meet his newest nephew (8 mos) and we were able to meet our niece (3 mos). Lots of nephew time, lots of mom time (though not enough), and even a movie (Charlotte's Web made me cry). Good times.


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