I played the, "It's MY birthday and I want to..." card last night. Pretty sneaky of me, but I have been trying to get my Jonathan to check out some churches with me. After TUMC, I think he is feeling a little gun-shy. The Calvary Chapel we checked out last month didn't do much to help, I am afraid. The poor man was having great difficulty staying awake! (So was I, for that matter)

So, last night we trekked all the way down Maryland Parkway (tee hee) to Christ Episcopal's "contemporary" service. The church has a beautiful campus, and the service is very small- maybe 30 people? I think he liked it. I did. The church is a tad bit liberal for me, but I think I can survive, as long as they are not preaching apostasy from the pulpit, I can deal with some bleeding hearts. (Someone in the congregation used the sharing time to do some stumping. Very weird stream-of-conciousness-thing that started with Harry Reid's "Republican Abuse of Power" essay and ended with a quasi-plug for "Kinsey"- yes the movie)

Anyway, it was nice to get to sit with my husband during church, though I am thinking THAT won't last long. Before we left, he had three invitations to play. Sigh. S'okay. I would rather go to church and have him sitting elsewhere in the sanctuary than go to church and have him sitting elsewhere in town, you know?


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