What a cool way to spend a Saturday...

Usually, Saturday finds me grocery shopping and cleaning and laundering. But not today, nosiree!

Today, I spent my first Framing Day with Habitat of LAs Vegas. I have participated in other stages of home-building in the past, but today was my first Framing Day. How is this different? Well for starters, Framing Day is the day that all the sponsors want to come out and get their pictures taken and be interviewed about why they support Habitat and so forth. However, the thing that made the greatest inpression on me was this: at 7:45 this morning, there was a slab. At 2:30, there was a shell of a house.

I must confess, I didn't even get to use my hammer. Instead, I was hauling concrete roofing tiles from another site to this one. In my defense, this was not by choice. Plus, I maintain that the six of us did harder labor than the framing crew. I mean, galvanized nails weigh, what, an ounce? These tiles are about 15 pounds apiece. And there were three houses' worth!

So here I sit, sunburned and a little sore, grinning like an idiot because I just had the best Saturday I have had since moving here two years ago. I hope they let me come back soon.

Oh yeah, there was a film crew there from an A&E show called "Inked." Not sure what that was all about, and since I don't have cable, I will probably never know. But they made us sign that little release thingy.


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