My new leaf...

Several years ago, I stopped making New Year's resolutions. Partially because I was disillusioned with myself and partially because no one asked me what they were.

I have this theory that we make resolutions only when we are asked. I like to think it adds a nice accountability factor to the whole process.

And so, even though no one has asked me, I have decided on the following New Year's Resolution for 2006:


And I have already started on this by consigning $250 per month of my snazzy-good raise to my savings account. (This is an additional $3000 per year, for you folks in Rio Linda) I have set myself up for success!!!!

Posting it here is my nod to telling people, even though the chances that this will be read by anyone are pretty much nil. I figure, if nothing else, it is a gentle reminder to myelf. Every time I post, I will see my resolution.

So, I have a resolution. And if anyone asks me, I can say, "Yes, and I am keeping it!"

Kelly Wolske


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