Lazy blogger...

Yes, that's me. I won't slip back into former habits, though. I have done pretty well, I think, with posting regularly. It is a matter of quantity over quality, though.

Here's where my thoughts have been, and later, I shall post more thouroughly on each topic:

1) The Minutemen Project. I was in AZ this weekend, Yuma to be specific, and learned a bit more about them. I have to say, I really don't see them as viglantes, per se. You may be surprised at the diversity present in this organization.

2) Church "marketing," for lack of a better word. Out of Ur, a blog from Christianity Today has some interesting points to raise. I need to do some more reading, however, before I post further.

3) Bravery. Nicole Nordeman wrote a song along these lines. I may have mentioned it before, but I have been pondering the state of the Church in our nation, and wondering if religious freedom hasn't made us soft. Some think it has. Might they be right?

4) Charlene Kammerer. I knew her when. And by when, I mean I knew here when she was merely DS of the Tallahassee District, her first appointment out of the pulpit. She is a Bishop now, and while I disagree with her decision, her reasoning, IMHO, was pretty sound. Now there is a tempest brewing in Virginia.

5) Moving. Yes, we are moving at the end of this month. I hate moving. I mean it, too. I really HATE MOVING!!!


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