Ooooohhh Fuuudge!

A recent AP poll indicates that Americans are suffering from a worse case of potty mouth than ever. I know our cat even curses at us, I can see it in her face.

This little blurb got me thinking. I know my own ears and, if I am painfully honest, my own mouth have become significantly desensitized in the last couple years or so. I can never remember my parents using the "queen-mother of dirty words," and yet I have worked two places in the last few years where that word is quite commonplace. I am ashamed to think about how often it has passed my lips.

It was even discussed in our home as something to give up for Lent. Discussed, and then dismissed in favor of shopping and alcohol. Wow. Just writing that looks soooo bad to me right now. I think it is time for a "cuss jar" on Orangewood Lane.

Most families have at least one "cute" story of little pitchers and their big ears. My mum's wakeup call came when I was about 18 months old and trying the climb the stairs in our split-level house. As I struggled with each step, trying to reach the living room from our basement family room, the word was practically wrung from my gut, "S dash-dash-dash."

Yep, time to clean up the act, there! I may not have known what it meant, but I sure knew when to use it.

Our friends and family who have young-uns are already experiencing this one. I don't want any of them to have learned something like that from Aunt Kelly. And so, I think I will go find a bar of Lifebouy, just as a reminder.


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