Mr Mom, blintz souffle, and lots of boxes.

That is my life these days.

J had to take the baby to the vet. He is such a good dad! She pretty much stayed true to form and hissed when they checked her out. The funny thing is, she always loved going for her kitten series. I think she must be turning into a teenager. I must also comment on how quiet she is this evening-- nothing like a bit of rabies vaccine to calm down our 6 pound tornado!

I am sitting here trying to eat yummy blintz souffle. The trouble is, I don't want to burn my mouth. This could easliy be solved by my waiting a few minutes for it to cool, but I am all about the instant gratitfication. My brother-in-law had something to offer on this subject...

Which brings me to the boxes. Because we are moving. I really hate moving. Really. Hate it. And I don't think that hate is too strong a word for my feelings about moving. Or change in general, for that matter. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the old block, eh?

But, for those interested, this is our new place. And this is the layout. I am looking forward to the new nieghborhood. There are four "lakes" (spring-fed ponds, really) which are stocked with fish. I won't even need a license, since they are private. There is also a beach club of sorts, with a nice lagoon and hammocks and volleyball nets. There are several miles of walking trails and planty of greenspace. Desert shores is one of the earlier master-planned communities in the valley.

It will be farther to work, but much easier for the rest of our life. So I can deal. Plus, I get a new fishing pole out of the deal!


Anonymous said…
Kelly: Your new place looks very nice. I hope all goes well with your move. Did you say Desert Shores has a LICE lagoon? Sounds very interesting - lol.


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