Cannot. Turn. Away.

I have sunk to the level of planning my week around Dancing With the Stars.
Tonight, however, is a new low.
I voted.


Rachelle said…
Well, we all need a diversion sometimes, don't we? DWTS is pretty harmless, as diversions go!

Personally, I'm feeling a little lost. My diversion, "The Apprentice," has ended. What to do, what to do?

I watched DWTS for the first time ever last week, in hopes of finding a new diversion. I found it fascinating in a sort of car-crash morbid-curiosity kind of way. Eeek! My kids love Billy Ray Cyrus on "Hannah Montana" but that man cannot dance, can he? (However, my own bumbling attempts to do Jazzercise help me to have compassion on those brave folks.) Hope you're having fun with that!
He is a terrible dancer, but her just has so much *heart*...
I would like to see him stick around a little longer, because he is fun to watch. My votes, however, all go to Joey. *sigh*
wojo said…
You could be sucked into the "Lost" vortex of "gee what will they us this week to keep us watching while never really telling us anything." I can't stop...maybe there is a 12 step program or something.
I shall never succumb to the power of "Lost"-- mostly because it is on at 10 now (way past my bedtime, you know). The new time has put a serious wrench in Jon's sleep schedule, but the upside is that we are always home in time on Convergence weeks!
The first step is to admit you have a problem...

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