Ok, I am going to open my big mouth about this now...

Don Imus showed his butt on the radio. This is nothing new, believe me. He and his cronies have job which are the dream of adolescent boys everywhere-- get paid to sit around an insult each other and anyone else who comes to mind. It's the nature of the show.

His obnoxious remarks (and those of his producer) have, quite understandably, cost him his job. Ok? I think it is probably a wise response on the part of CBS, given that sponsors were dropping like flies.

All this makes perfect sense to me, really. And then comes the latest. Oprah. Ms. Winfrey invited the Rutgers team in question to her couches, and this is the quote I hear from Coach Stringer:

"Not only did he steal our dreams, he hurt our character of Rutgers University, our state, and all who have been associated."

Wow. Someone has just give Don Imus, stupid (albeit successful) radio host a WHOLE LOTTA POWER. Can we please get some perspective here, ladies? I am sad that these women put so much stock in what Don Imus and his neanderthal cohorts say on air.


Rachelle said…
Amen, sister.
Susie said…
Mega dittos, girl. No one has that sort of power over my joy. Why is our society so dang sensitive? I don't get it. People are going to be mean, say stupid things, and all kind of stuff. It's called LIFE. And sometimes, you just have to GET OVER IT. Rise above it, be better.
Cmommy said…
I kind of understand the part about stealing a dream--the major accomplishment by the team will forever be tied to the on air debacle. Their win will not stand alone. You know?

But, you are correct. With news available 24/7, in more than two venues, the media needs to fill air time and they go waaaay over the top with so many things.

Hey, your blog skin is awesome!!
Classic MaMa said…
Just jummped over here from MOG and read this post. I must say, you hit it on the head. Don Imus and other shock-jocks thrive on the attention they are given. It's like my mom used to tell me when my brother picked on me in the car, "If you ignore him, he'll stop." I intend to visit again.

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