I know what you are all thinking...

I see the envious looks. You are wondering what hold I must have over this man. I see it in all your faces as we traipse through the store. I hear the quick intakes of breath all around as this man not only doesn't complain, but even actively participates in the decision process. You are wondering if there are more like him somewhere (sorry ladies, I got the last one); you simply cannot understand how it is that I got so lucky. *sigh*

Of course you are all waiting until we get to the register. That's when (you hope) the illusion will be shattered. Then total comes up, and the tension is thick enough to cut with a knife. Will he cry "Uncle!" or groan? Not an eyelash is batted as the transaction is complete.

I know, I know, it isn't fair. There is no way that I deserve a man who shops with me like this; I have done nothing to merit such favor. Eat your hearts out, though. Because I intend to keep this one. By the by, it isn't luck. It is the sheer grace of God and the power of a praying Mum.


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