Best twenty dollars we have spent all week.

Jon and I braved the Friday night crowds to see Amazing Grace. In fact, Jon ate a movie theater hot dog for dinner (Note to self-- Pick Up Stix is not fast Chinese food like Panda).

I encourage any and all of you to see this film. (And we are pretty sure it is real film, a fact which warms the cockles of my Jonathan's heart)

I am not going to go into detail about things at this point. I have too much on my heart this evening. Suffice to say, my prayer is to find what it is which wrecks me.

Finally, I leave you with this:

My memory is nearly gone;
but I remember two things;
That I am a great sinner, and
that Christ is a great Saviour.

John Newton (1725-1807)
English minister and hymn writer



Susan said…
I so want to see this film!! I need to make time to do it...I can tell by all the blogging reviews that are coming in...

Great quote.

:-) Susan
Rachelle said…
Amen, Kelly. Hope I get to see the movie soon. Glad to hear it affected you so.
jilly said…
We saw this as well on Friday and we LOVED it! It had sold out in TWO theaters and at the end the whole audience clapped, I LOVE that when that happens in a good movie. I also loved looking around when the lights came up and seeing such a diverse crowd. We got there 20 minutes before show time and had to sit in the second row to the front. I do believe we will go see it again and I think that if it would have been released sooner we would have seen it up for awards last night. A truly wonderful film!
jilly said…
Oh and the quote that you posted, after the John Newton character said that in the movie, the whole audience in our theater went AMEN!

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