Who are you calling cheap?

I must preface this by saying that, as a no-child household, we are already ahead of the game. I don't even want to think about how expensive a sitter is these days. I remember my babysitting days, and they were pretty lucrative.

Anyway. My favorite cheap date with consists of two bottles of water each, some Gorp (or a Cliff bar), and our annual pass to Red Rock Canyon. The park has so many trails, from an easy stroll into Ice Box Canyon to the more challenging scramble and climb to Turtlehead peak. We throw everything into a knapsack and head off.

Check out state and national parks in your area, as our annual pass was only $20.00. Very often there are plenty of other programs to enjoy-- group hikes, star-gazing, children's hikes.

Head on over to Shalee's Diner and check out everybody's ideas.


Shalee said…
It seems that many of us sure know the benefits of being in the great outdoors... How blessed you are to have such a wonderful park so close to you. I'm all for the hiking... as soon as it warms up QUITE a bit!

Excellent suggestion, and thanks for adding your post to the link!
Michelle said…
How awesome that you live so close to red Rock Canyon. It's one of the stops on our vacation "to do" list when we head out west one day! Outdoors is fun!
Overwhelmed! said…
National Parks are awesome! We go to several quite often.

I offered one, cheap and fun idea in my post!
Overwhelmed! said…
By the way, I see Susie designed your blog. It looks fantastic! She designed mine as well. :)
Kathleen Marie said…
Being we live in the middle of a National Forest I think this is an excellent tip for anyone. Nothing like hiking around in Natural. At times we hike in the winter, I have my camera in hand. Excellent!
Jane said…
I was amazed by our national parks when I did a cross country tour after college. We really should make a trek. Great vacation idea!
Susan said…
I often think about all the "cheap" and wonderous things we miss right in our own backyard!! For me, it's the beach. I don't really "like" the beach...but I DO love to listen to it and watch the sunset...I can't remember the last time I did that.

:-) Susan

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