Deal breakers... (some Kelly nosiness)

I have already mentioned my interest in a particular presidential candidate, so this is not another post cheering on Dr Paul. Election season has already begun, it would seem, so I am thinking about what are important traits in my candidates. What issues REALLY matter to me? Do I care about flag burning, school prayer, and gay marriage? More importantly, does the electorate really care about these things? Do you?

What are your deal breakers? Has that list changed for you? What precipitated these changes? I have finally composed my list of "must-haves," and it is shorter than I thought it would be. My deal-breakers:

1) Must be committed to radical tax reform.

2)Must be committed to the preservation, protection, and defense of the US Constitution.

Pretty much everything else is just gravy; I can boil my expectations down to the above mentioned criteria. Of course, I am realistic enough to recognize that I dwell in a lonely lonely place.


wolske said…
Two good anchors, but you'll have to be more specific about the "preservation, protection, and defense of the Constitution". Actually, when you put it like that, it sounds like you mean the document needs to be well taken care of by the National Archives (or some other agency, whatever), which it is I believe.

If you want the President to adhere to the Constitution, you still need to be more specific -- there are people who will claim that anything and everything is included in some of the broader terms in the document...

Good start though. Good luck finding such a candidate.

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