I really don't see a problem with this...

So Bank of America is offering a credit card for people with no SS number. The idea is to tap into the rapidly growing Hispanic market. Of course, Michelle Malkin is outraged and thinks I should be, too.

But I am not, and this is why:

1) I would rather see BOA open accounts with no SS# than with fraudulent SS# (which is what we know is occurring now).

2) BOA is letting the market drive its decisions. A novel idea for a capitalist nation?!

I have read comment after comment about aiding and abetting. I just to do not see it. Does that mean that the gas station on the corner which sells gasoline to the landscapers is aiding and abetting? After all, they may be hiring illegal immigrants. I love how, instead of outrage that we are seeing no results at whatever it is our tax dollars are going to, we take frustrations out on corporate America.

I would much rather see these people putting their money into our banks than carrying it around in their pockets (which, incidentally is what happens much of the time). Their are many cultural barriers to overcome here, not the least of which is a distrust of institutions (my brother can explain why) such as banks. If Bank of America is able to break through some of these barriers, I am glad to see it.


Susan said…
About a year ago I shared the story of the $16,000 boy who went to my school. His family is Hispanic...and I'm not sure how "legal" everyone is. Anyway, he brought $16,000 of his parents' savings (usually kept in the home) to school....and started giving it out $100 at a time to other kids. They discovered it after he'd disbursed $3000. They recovered all but $1500 from kids...and returned the money to Mom and Dad.

I wonder if BOA was in our neck of the woods...would these people have used it?

Gosh, that is something else! Out here we see a lot of muggings and even a couple murders, since it is pretty well known that most of these individuals carry large amount of cash. At least large amounts to the druggies who rob them.
Big Red said…
What's this boy's name?? I'll have to make a trip to visit him....

Just because they can't trust banks in their own countries doesn't mean they can't trust banks here, oh wait, they are here illegally and cannot LEGALLY open an account, that's why they hold on to their cash. Just let someone use my SSN, I'll take the time to find him/her and personally escort them back across the border.

I think the government should look into the customers who utilise such an account, and I think it is very obvious that BOA is not looking out for the good of the nation, just their own silver-lined pockets...

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